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The all-in-one workspace: Notes, Tasks, Wikis & Databases

Notion for Your Business

Do you want to become more productive and efficient at work? Looking for a tool to help you organize your tasks and projects? Then our Notion for Your Business course is exactly what you need!

Our experienced tutors will teach you how to use Notion to create databases, pages, and lists to help you manage your tasks and projects efficiently.

What is Notion?

Notion is an information organization tool that allows you to create and edit notes, databases, tasks, projects, and more. The program provides users with a flexible system that allows them to create personalized workspaces with different block types such as text, tables, lists, calendars, and files. Notion also features collaboration functionality, allowing users to invite colleagues and share their notes and projects in real time.

Using Notion can make managing your own business and personal productivity much easier. With Notion, you can create to-do lists, manage projects, keep track of important dates, create customer databases and other important business data.

Thanks to Notion's flexible system and the ability to create individual workspaces, users can customize the program to suit their individual needs and preferences.


After completing the course, the student will learn:

  • Create and customize databases, pages, and lists in Notion to manage your tasks, projects, and personal affairs
  • Organize your work in Notion for increased productivity and efficiency
  • Use Notion's advanced features, such as databases with relationships and formulas, to create your own unique workflows


Who is this course for?

This Notion for Your Business course is suitable for:

  • people who want to learn how to effectively use Notion to manage their tasks, projects, and personal affairs
  • for students, freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to increase their productivity and efficiency at work



Program Sylabus

  • Basics of the program interface
  • Creating pages and databases
  • Working with blocks and templates
  • Using databases to organize data

1. Introduction to Notion

  • Creating tables and properties
  • Using filters and sorting
  • Creating relationships between tables
  • Using Forms to Collect Data

2. Working with databases

  • Create project pages
  • Using the task list to track tasks
  • Create calendars to manage due dates for tasks
  • Using Kanban boards to visualize work progress

3. Project and task management

  • Building a knowledge base
  • Using tables to record information
  • Using links and attachments to organize documents
  • Using filters to find the information you need

4. Knowledge base

  • Using templates to automate page creation
  • Using Database Functions to Automatically Populate Information
  • Using integrations for automatic information processing
  • Using bots to automatically complete tasks

5. Automation and...

  • Google-calendar
  • Microsoft Outlook synchronization

Accessible and understandable

20 lessons

Detailed explanation

>2 hours of video

From the very basics to a good level

5 topics


150 Test quiestions